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—Would you like more information about ordering books?  Some titles are available directly from the author (see below) or we can direct you to other sources.

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FOR ALL INFORMATION:  djray@gainbroadband.com

Books available from the author (as well as from other sources):
David Ray, 2033 E. 10th Street, Tucson, AZ 85719

Hemingway: A Desperate Life
paperback, 2011, $12.00, Whirlybird Press

After Tagore: Poems inspired by Rabindranath Tagore
hardcover, 2008, $25.00, Nirala Publications, New Delhi, India

~When (poems)
paperback, 2007, $15.00, Howling Dog Press/Omega Editions, Colorado

Music of Time: Selected and New Poems
paperback, 2006, $25.00, The Backwaters Press

The Death of Sardanapalus and Other Poems of the Iraq Wars
paperback, 2004, $20.00, Howling Dog Press

One Thousand Years: Poems about the Holocaust
paperback, 2004, $15.00

The Endless Search: A Memoir
hardcover, 2003, $22.00

Kangaroo Paws: Poems Written in Australia
paperback, 1995, $10.00
Kangaroo Paws: Poems Written in Australia
hardcover, 1995, $15.00

Not Far From the River:
Transcreations from the Gatha-Saptasati, paperback, 1990, $10.00

Sam's Book
Re-issued from Wesleyan University Press. Will also be available as e-book

Fathers: A Collection of Poems
(edited by David Ray and Judy Ray) hardcover, 1997, $15.00

For information about ordering, send e-mail to: djray@gainbroadband.com


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